Smart Linear Projection System

Highly effective linear marking light projectors powered by innovative technology.

We're the member of Prusa Hardware Accelerator.

Adapts to your requirements

Goboline Projection System is designed for visual light markings. It's usable in any kind of industry, public places, exhibitions, advertisement and more.


Our projectors offer high luminosity compared to power consumption thanks to the latest technology.  

Modular & Smart

Our system is scalable to fit any size or environment. All units communicate and can be controlled easily.


Our solution provides significant long-term resource savings compared to traditional methods. 

Innovative optical solution

Goboline projectors use refined optical system to transform light from LED source into a linear shape. The result is much wider projection and optimized light source performance while maintaining sharpness and brightness. 

Upgrade your safety & increase the effectivity

Efficient optical system saves energy and optimises the operating costs of the signage as well as safety of your employees. The light projection marking does not rub off, heavy handling equipment can drive over it and it still remains prominent. Projectors can respond to sensors or forklift position sensors.

Our projectors





  • LED projector 25W

  • 30º or 45º Lens

  • Bracket 50mm

  • Connectivity





  • LED projector 45W

  • 30º or 45º Lens

  • Bracket 50mm

  • Connectivity





  • LED projector 90W

  • 30º or 45º Lens

  • Bracket 50mm

  • Wireless control


Prusa Hardware Accelerator

A hi-tech prototyping space under the wings of Josef Průša and Prusa Research. We cultivate a place where makers, DIYers, architecture students, small entrepreneurs and many more can create to the best of their abilities. We share our knowledge and experience and cultivate the Czech maker community.

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"The whole system is interconnected. A more advanced version will allow you to quickly change the warehouse setup or, for example, interactively show the forklift driver where to take the load,"

Matyáš Kavan
General Manager,  Goboline


How can we help you?

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Can I try Goboline before I buy?

On-site test screening is possible or we can send you a test kit. This is the best way to make sure that our solution is suitable for you and to select the right projector performance

Do you provide test projections and consultations?

In addition to on-site projector testing, we offer on-site consultations to recommend solutions and select the best setup

Can I get customised solution?

If necessary, we can adjust projector or control system parameters to suit your needs

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